Delhi Food Trucks to Drive to Right Now

It’s good news then, that a bunch of young city-based food enthusiasts have decided to dish up the same social experience – part of a popular food trend in the US, Canada and Australia – right here in Delhi. A new phenomenon in our country, which has long been known for its excellent street food served off thelas, the food truck trend – the trucks offer a qualitatively different experience – seems to be gaining momentum. In the past few months, there has been a spurt in the number of trucks operating in Delhi and NCR serving everything from tacos to tortillas.Gaurav Gianchandani, founder, What the Truck?, a food truck that debuted in Noida last November, says, “There’s a difference between Chinese food vans and a specialty food truck serving hygienic, gourmet hip fast food.”

The Lalit food truck company

lalit The Lalit Food Truck has a variety of food, mostly Mexican, for quick on-the-go eats. Try their quesadillas, or their crispy vegetarian tacos. If Mexican food isn’t quite your favorite taste, they also have the option of falafel and a mean vegetarian burger. You know quality is high on their list; it’s what The Lalit is known for. Where: Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place , Contact: 011 44447777 , Price: INR 100 onwards

Nashta Paani 

nashta-paani Situated on MG Road, forget stationary, they are fixed in a wall, so you can be sure they’ll never drive off. They open at 8:30am, incase you’re on the road and looking for a breakfast fix. For all of you coming home to Gurgaon after work, they shut shop at 8:30pm, so you might still be able to catch a snack. Where: 146, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Sultanpur , Contact: 9560324562\

Super Sucker

food_trucks_super_sucker The Super Sucker Food Truck, a year and a half old, can be found parked, every Thursday and Sunday, from 4:30pm until 9:30pm, at Wellington Estate in G-town. Besides those two days of the week, their focus is more on festivals, events and private parties. They’re willing to cater to as little as ten people, so the next time you’re hosting a party, do it differently, and ask them to cater.  You can expect regular comfort food, and the occasional healthy option. Where: Wellington Estate, Gurgaon, Phase-5 {Every Thursday and Sunday} , Contact: 9871547714

What the Truck

food_trucks_flavor_labs Big props to their name, we might have laughed out loud. With a menu comprising burgers, hot dogs, wraps and the occasional appearance of Indian street food, What the Truck, primarily parks in different venues across Gurgaon and Sohna Road. You can find them 6 days a week, between noon and 9 pm. They also cater for events, birthday parties and festivals. PS: We hear their Chilli Doggy Dog is a winner. Contact: 9810337934


20130509_182818-11 There are some days when there is nothing like street-side Indian Chinese food, and we suggest you turn to Hawkers. They’ve been around for as long as we can remember, providing solace on rough {and good} days. Our vote goes to their freshly prepared chowmein, and the succulent momos- both steamed and fried. Where: C-2, Vasant Kunj, behind Monkey Bar {next the Vasant Vatika park}; D-1, DDA Market, Near Red Light, Aggarwal Sweets, Vasant Kunj; B-1, Vasant Kunj , Contact: 011 26895444 {for C-2}; 011 26890516 {for D-1}; 011 33105287 {for B-1}


58f1b8cd-9b90-4cc2-bcf4-5173309c8413Wallpaper2 Summer or winter, we love our popsicles, and Frugurpop takes them to a whole other level of awesome. For a creamier flavour, go for their Oreo Cookies & Cream bar, and if you’re looking for a more fresh taste, we recommend their Fruitilicious flavor which is packed with an assortment of fruits {kiwi, strawberry, peaches and berries} and a hint of lemongrass. Where: Sector 57, Gurgaon , Contact: +91 8171719777 , Price: INR 100- INR 150


As close as you’ll get to an authentic food truck, Eggjactly actually starts their engine. So far only available in Gurgaon, they park at different spots on different days. As for food, perfect for a mid-day snack or a quick bite on the go- literally. PS: Their breakfast choices are unmatched. Contact: 981180787


How to Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner Everyday!

Applying winged eyeliner is difficult, even for those who apply it every day. I’ve been winging my eyeliner since I was around 14 or 15 years old, and I still don’t get it right on many days.
There are so many methods for applying winged eyeliner, but today, I’m going to over the way I typically like to apply pen style eyeliners. I find that when I use this method, my liner turns out perfect every time! And, it’s super quick!

The struggle to create the perfected winged eyeliner is for some an everyday strife. As with all things, practice makes perfect, but if you keep repeating the same mistakes you’re likely never to improve. Since we’re betting your poor eyes are sore from all the do-overs, we’ve got a handful of helpful tips to make sure you can get it right every time you “wing it.”

10 Thoughts We All Have While Street Shopping

Sarojini Market is one of Delhi’s biggest and most important markets and a destination for every girl who’s out on a hunt for trendy clothes at killer prices. From stylish clothes to designer bags to fashionable jewellery, Sarojini Nagar never disappoints. And of course, what’s thrift shopping without a healthy dose of bargaining? It’s all part of the charm, right?

However much we love our fave high-street brands, there’s a certain thrill about scoring something awesome that costs us barely nothing. And we all have tricks up our sleeves to bag the best buys for the best price!


So for all those street-smart people out there, here are the thoughts we all have while street shopping!

1. What if my friends come to know I bought this from here?


Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure all of them shop here too.

2. Did he just say 500 rupees?! Yeah, baby, it’s BARGAINING TIME!


Dammit! I should have bargained a little more. He would have definitely lowered the price further.

3. Shouldn’t have  splurged on that Vero Moda jacket! I could have picked up TEN tops from here for the same amount!


4.  I hope he calls me back and lowers the price when I walk away. Else I’ll feel like an idiot.



5. Who cares If I can’t try it on, it’s SO cheap! I’ll just give it to my sister if it doesn’t fit.


6. Argh, she is wearing the same top I just picked up!


7. Is that the same dress I paid 2,000 bucks for at Zara?! ARGH


8. Stop pushing me, you horrible woman! I hope everything you buy has holes in it!


9. I need to go back where I started from. Can’t find that skirt anywhere else!

shopping (1)

10. Have to take a break from walking around. Where’s the ice-cream cart?









How to help the victims of Nepal’s earthquake

Over the weekend, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the country of Nepal, killing thousands of people and destroying the homes and livelihoods of millions more. Search and rescue efforts are underway, but the country, already struggling with poverty, has been devastated. Facebook and Google have launched their social media platforms — Safety Check in Facebook and People Finder in Google — to help victims touch base with friends and family around the world. A number of charities are also sending teams to the area to help locate survivors and victims, provide medical care to those injured by the earthquake, and hand out emergency supplies to the millions who have been displaced by the earthquake and its powerful aftershocks.

 Want to help? Here’s how to give directly to the organisations on the ground now in Nepal:

The Red Cross
The Nepal Red Cross is heading up relief efforts for the country. You can donate directly at this link, or donate to the American Red Cross and select Nepal Earthquake Relief on the donation page.


The U.N. children’s agency, UNICEF, is on the ground in Nepal, helping millions of people who have been displaced by the quake. The agency is preparing two cargo flights to Kathmandu filled with humanitarian supplies including medical and hospital supplies, tents and blankets. Donate to the group’s Nepal Earthquake fund here.
Oxfam International
Oxfam is focusing on getting clean water, sanitation, and emergency supplies to the areas of Nepal most affected. “Communication is currently very difficult. Telephone lines are down and the electricity has been cut off, making charging mobile phones difficult. The water is also cut off,” country director Cecilia Keizer said in a statement. Donate directly to the group’s relief efforts in Nepal here.
Save The Children
This agency has staff in 63 districts in Nepal, handing out emergency kits, sanitation supplies and other essentials. You can donate online to directly support the Nepal Children’s Emergency Relief Fund.
AmeriCares has sent a team directly to the impact zone of the quake, bringing medical aid to the injured and emergency supplies to survivors.  You can help by donating online to their disaster relief fund.
Doctors Without Borders
This agency is sending medical staff and supplies, including emergency surgical teams, to Nepal. Donate here.
The United Nations World Food Programme
An emergency donation to the World Food Programme will help this agency supply food to those in need.
Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps is working with the Nepal Red Cross to help distribute essential household supplies, shelter kits and tarps. Mercy Corps has 90 staffers on the ground in Nepal, some of whom have lost their homes in the quake. Donate directly to the group’s earthquake relief fund here.

HOW TO: Clean Makeup Brushes, Palettes and Lipsticks

If you’re hoping we’re going to tell you that—good news!—a new study has found we’re all washing our brushes way too much, then you’re about to be let down. The fact of the matter is, like flossing and all the other boring but very important things in life, cleaning our makeup tools is something we need to get serious about. There are plenty of brush-specific washes on the market but a gentle face wash, like Cetaphil, works just as well. Make sure to wash your brushes in the direction of the bristles to prevent fraying (and only use harsher soaps like dish soap when they’re in need of a heavy-duty deep cleaning), then shake out the excess water, press the bristles with a paper towel, and lay them flat on a towel to air-dry.

Here are 5 TIPS on how to clean makeup brushes, makeup palettes, lipsticks and more! If you’ve got any kind of makeup, learn how to clean them properly so they last for a long time.

Don’t Make These 10 Common Diet Mistakes !

You may have tried all types of weight-loss diets recommended by celebrities, dieticians, friends, colleagues or the Internet.
You huff and puff in the gym, religiously weigh yourself daily on the weighing scale and still don’t manage to knock out those extra pounds. So where exactly are you going wrong? The answer is simple, there’s something wrong with your diet. Are you making any of the following diet mistakes?


Skipping breakfast

The idea that skipping breakfast induces weight-loss is enticing but harmful. Skipping breakfast leads to over-eating during lunch because you’ve been starving yourself. You need to have a healthy breakfast to give you energy to begin your day and thus, avoid binge-eating.

giphy-facebook_s (1)

Going on a crash-diet

Crash diets never last long and eventually crash big-time! There is no magic formula or potion that will make you lose weight in a jiffy. Crash diets do not constitute a proper balanced diet, which keep you low on energy and also irritable.The most popular form of weight loss is crash dieting. If crash dieting is all what it took to get that perfect figure, all women will be healthy and fit. Crash diets usually result in a loss of muscle tissue and not fat, which does not make you any less flabby.


Not eating before a workout

This is another favourite mistake that people practice. They think that they will end losing even more weight after their workout. In reality, what happens is that you lack energy for your workout and thus, don’t indulge in a proper workout.

Emotional Binging

Dieting is more than a physical routine. You have to remember to control yourself and stay away from emotional hogging; our brain tends to relate certain types of food to certain moods. You must remember to steer clear of emotional binging, as it can ruin your diet.


Lack Of Sleep

Diets aren’t deprivations. Apart from making sure that you don’t starve yourself, you also need to sure you get enough sleep. Sleep is quite essential for the efficacy of any diet regime.

Sometimes you may know these reasons and you may be too lazy to follow through anyway. However, next time you diet, concentrate on these aspects and you will see better results. Make sure you avoid these common diet mistakes.


Not drinking enough water

Not consuming enough water is a common diet mistake, which will make you dehydrated. Also, dehydration leads to your metabolism slowing down. Studies have shown that people who consume enough water tend to burn more calories. It is recommended that you drink at least eight to 10 glasses everyday.


Favouring Cardio

One of the biggest misconceptions today is that cardio will help you get that perfect body shape. The best thing to do is focus on more effective routines that burn calories like metabolic resistance training and interval training.


Substituting meals with energy bars

Substituting energy bars for meals is a no-no. These bars are sometimes loaded with artificial sweetners that can be harmful to your body in the long run.


Eliminating dairy products

Cheese, ice-creams and chocolate milkshakes are not signs of a healthy diet. However, eliminating dairy products altogether is not a wise decision. Your body needs calcium to strengthen your bones, especially if you workout religiously. Calcium is largely derived from dairy products. Opt for low-fat milk, curds and paneer instead.


If you exercise, you can eat anything

Just because you exercise regularly doesn’t mean you can feast on junk food all the time, without worrying. Exercise won’t benefit you much if you stuff your body with garbage. Exercise alone is not sufficient, you need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet comprising whole grains, fruits and vegetables.


Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes On Your First Kiss

Kissing a girl for the first time is an art.It’s not hard, but it’s definitely an art many guys haven’t mastered yet.Kissing a girl on a date or an empty hallway is all about perfect timing.You try to kiss her a moment too early, and she may back away.You try to kiss her a moment too late, and she may have lost the mood.Now it does sound really tricky.But there are ways to turn things in your favor, and create the perfect chemistry whenever you want!

Are you afraid she’ll back away when you try to kiss her? Use these 10 steps on how to kiss a girl for the first time and you won’t ever go wrong!


1. Not Planning Anything

To make your first kiss a perfect one, plan something. I know sometimes it becomes hard to decide, as you don’t even know when you both will get the good moment to kiss.


But planning things will make it more better and memorable. Think about the location and what to do and what not to do.

2. Avoid Distractions

Not only during your first kiss, but also on every date. Just try to avoid distractions, like mobile phone, messaging or something else. Let her enjoy the moment she is spending with you.


3. Don’t be too grabby


Try to make your every touch valuable. During the kiss, play with her finger or grab her softly. Just don’t hurt her by pulling her hair hard or doing something stupid.

4. Don’t Ignore If She Is Trying To Talk To You


Just make her comfortable and wanted. Give her signs that you want to kiss her.

5. Don’t use too much tongue


First of all kiss on her lips, then softly touch her lower lip with your tongue. Then she will give you a green signal by using her own tongue and you are ready to play with it.

6. Don’t Ignore Hygiene


Take care of Hygiene before kissing her. You might want to use a mint before kissing her. It will make everything awesome.

7. Don’t forget to close your eyes


It will make both of you more comfortable.

6 Fashion Tricks To Slim You Down Instantly!

Everyone has days when they feel fat. Regardless of whether the number on the scale has gone up, sometimes a girl feels bloated, sluggish, or like nothing fits. It happens to the best of us—editors included. But those of us who work in the fashion industry have an unfair advantage: We have the inside scoop on silhouettes that flatter, cuts that camouflage, and fabrics that hide the physical dirty laundry.

Today we’re not talking about diets and kill-me-now workouts – we’re giving you some super-smart dressing hacks to help slim down your appearance!

1. Belts 


Boost your belt. “ANOTHER” trick is to fake a smaller waistline. Rather than put a belt across the widest part of your waist, you can move a belt up, right under your bra. That’s where most women are thinnest. So, it’s an optical illusion. You’re giving yourself a built-in empire waist. Just make sure the belt isn’t super thick, because you don’t want your boobs resting on the belt. Not a good look.”

2. Maxi Dress 


One of our fave summer styles has got to be the maxi dress. These floor-grazing wonders are perfect for making anybody look taller and leaner, especially if you wear it in a solid colour. Make sure to pair it with heels for an even more slimming effect.

3. Boot Cut Jeans 


Did you know that jeans became more popular during world war two because men were wearing them as sturdy work pants? Boot cut jeans are popular because they can be worn with a boot/high heel. The leg on the jean was cut to be smaller than a flare but wide than a straight leg so a boot can be worn under the jean. These trousers are made to make a person look more slimming and tall. Although these types of jeans are more commonly seen on adult women, men wear them too. For men the cut is a little different because they are made for a work boot.

4. The Sexy Pencil Skirt


It’s classy and oh-so sexy! The pencil skirt is an uber-stylish wardrobe staple that is perfect for work and play. It helps make your waist look tiny while enhancing your curves. Don’t get intimidated just because it’s figure hugging, Kim Kardashian is proof that anybody can rock this skirt no matter what her size. Pair it with anything from girly blouses to cute tank tops, and watch as you turn heads with every sway of your hips.

5. High Waisted outfits


Gone are the days of super low-hung jeans (they were a wardrobe mishap waiting to happen). Instead, opt for pants and skirts with a higher rise as they help elongate your frame. Don’t worry, we don’t mean going super-high; a waistband that sits just above the belly button is perfect for this and can be paired with tucked-in blouses and crop tops without being too revealing.

6. High Heels


If your legs look longer, they will also appear thinner – and shoes with pointy toes will help make your legs seem longer.So, even if you think your legs are long enough, if it’s a thinner appearance you’re after, try a shoes with pointed toes.The heels don’t have to be terribly high, but there’s no doubt that if you want to appear slimmer, a bit of a heel will help dramatically.

How to Turn your old Tights into a cute Top!

Ever find yourself throwing away old tights left and right? WELL! I have a new way to use old tights for another article of clothing that you will use over and over. Turn your old tights into a fashionable and new CROP TOP!

THERE YOU GO! You now have a new crop top out of a pair of old tights. I would suggest wearing a bandeaux underneath because it can be rather sheer. Also, I would suggest using a pair of tights that have been fairly stretched out, or you can buy a bigger size, because your whole body has to fit in them (keep in mind).

6 Kinds of People You Should NEVER Get Involved With !

Yes, ladies, sex is all kinds of awesome, and we encourage you to have as much of it as possible. But one thing we would always want you to keep in mind: you should only be doing it with someone who genuinely and truly appreciates it. Someone who deserves the pleasure you’re bringing to him. And there are some folks out there who just don’t make the cut. This is our list of the kinds of people you should never have sex with. Ever. (And if you’ve been there already, just make sure you don’t go back again!)

1. People who’s status is – “COMPLICATED RELATIONSHIP”

Ask. Definitely ask this. Because you do NOT want to be interrupted by an angry partner barging in. And honestly, you should be able to make an informed decision about the person you’re sleeping with, and not be deceived into a situation you might regret later.


2. Your ex

A lot of us do it..we’d just rather we didn’t have to don’t weunless we’re the one who got dumped. Then we just feel messed up. Best to just leave them in the past where they belong, at least until you can think of more constructive things to do as “friends” than illicit fornicating.


3. Your Best friend’s Boyfriend

Having a crush gets super complicated when you have one on someone you’re not supposed to like… for example, your best friend’s boyfriend. Eek! It’s not an ideal situation, but forbidden crushes like this do happen and they’re not fun to deal with.


4. People with bad hygiene

Bad breath, B.O., people who don’t shower or change their sheets… Girl, don’t go there. Just don’t


5. The person you’re trying to break up with

Because it will drag on, and on, and on, and on….and up the aisle, and into retirement..and buried beside each other…tellin’ ya!


6. Your boss

Have you got that part time shift that keeps you flush during the week. Is your boss looking for that part time shift that keeps him content outside his family life? This is a bad idea. You know it’s a bad idea, but you still kind of want to do it anyway when the opportunity presents itself because that shit is like some terrible 50 Shades of Gray sh!t. Bad moveyou home wrecker..